Liturgia Primer Domingo de Cuaresma

Primera Liturgia de Presantificados

2017 Lenten Message from Igumeni Madre Inés

Our dear friends,
Again, this wonderful time has arrived. We love it.  It's the invitation of our Church, the invitation to return to ourselves and to the Father that abides in the depth of our lives. So, we return to Him, to Them, to prepare the Feast, the Feast of Feasts!

We wish a great return, a delightful stay "at home". Let's be our guests, Their guests, during this 2017 Lent. Let's prepare the Feast of Feasts!

This time in Lent, we (the children, nuns and priests) get together twice a week at the Monastery for Presanctified, and for Sundays and other feasts. We will send you pictures.

We wish you a great first week of forgiveness and the Canon of Saint Andrew. We ask your forgiveness. Remember us in your generosity. We need you to raise God's children.

Forgive us.

In Christ's love,

Igumeni Madre Inés

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